A few weeks ago a sweet petite woman walked into the store, with a keen sense of place, our wine store. Asking many questions about the wines we stock, her interest were driven by the small vineyards we seek out for several reasons: biodiversity, organic, winemakers making wine, not for the consumer but for the terroir of place.

We chatted and became friends instantly, she explain that her and her partner are traveling around the United States visiting farms, chefs, Universities, gathering information on farming, wholesome ideas people inploy in farms, winemaking, food.

We invited them for dinner one Friday evening, talking about many ideas of our wine theory, and what they have been doing on their trip since the begining.

A very enjoyable evening.

They’re both incredible writers, Julie being a photographer by profession and Lee in his prior life an Architect.

And so I invite you to read and explore they’re wonderful website: to read the incites of their travels and explorations’ of the unique communities that are building on ideas we all need to ponder about to sustainablity, organics, the true essence of the good life!


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About David Lower

We are a boutique wine store located in the N. Tacoma Proctor district, researching and finding small winerys that make no more than 2000 cases a year, we taste and retaste to be sure of the quality, with in depth understanding what the winemaker is accomplishing, the nuances that make great wine. David Lower started collecting small winemakers in the early 90s from Spain, Italy, Burgundy, California, Washington, Oregon. "Procuring and tasting every wine I could afford to buy was essential to gaining some idea of what exits in the wine world". Victoria Johnson is the store Manager at Black Door Wine Company, a visual artist, understands that details make all the difference in good and great wine. She enjoys exploring the wines with David developing her palate gaining a quick and refine knownledge. .
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