Grenache blanc

Grenache blanc is a variety of white wine grape that is related to the red grape Grenache. It is mostly found in Rhône wine blends and in northeast Spain. Its wines are characterized by high alcohol and low acidity, with citrus and or herbaceous notes.

Not really known very well in the U.S. with maybe 100 acres planted to this grape, however, worth the search for it’s uniqueness that we enjoy.


Grenache blanc is thought to have originated as a mutation of the red version of Grenache in Spain. It then spread across the Pyrenees to France, finding a second home in the Rhône.

Grenache blanc responds best to low fermentation temperatures which produces a fresh, dill scented wine in its youth. The grape is fairly flexible in winemaking and can be exposed to malolactic fermentation, extended skin macerationlees stirring as well asoak aging. In addition to being blended with Roussanne, Grenache blanc is sometimes blended with Muscat and made in a varietal style.

Wine regions

Grenache blanc is an important variety in the French wine region of the Rhône Valley, often blended with Roussanne in wines and even being included in some red wines. It is a major component in the white wines of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Côtes du Rhône AOCs. Up to 10% Grenache blanc is permitted to be included in the red wines of the Côtes du Rhône Villages AOC. In the Rivesaltes AOC, the grape is used as a blending component in some of the regions vin doux naturel wines.Nearly half of all Grenache blanc plantings in France are located in the Roussillon region where the grape is often blended with Roussanne,MarsanneViognier and Rolle. In the upper Agly Valley, varietal terroir driven examples are starting to be produced. In white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Grenache blanc provides fruitiness and fatness to a blend that often includes Roussanne, PicpoulBourboulenc and Clairette Blanche.

And so…… we love this grape varietal

We have some great 100% Grenache Blanc from France- Cotes de Rhone-goes well with rich cream sauces, risottos, seafood

And it’s only $14.95

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