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Arianna Occhipinti-When I was 18, I enrolled in winemaking school in Milan. At age 21 Arianna started making wine in her native Sicilian village, because she loves her home country. This’s her calling, her love, and her wines.

I started in 2004, with just 1 hectare. Now I’m working with 12 hectares of Frappato and Nero D’Avola. 6 years ago, I planted a vineyard of whites, which are Albanello and Muscat. These are all grapes local to my area, especially Albanello which really isn’t produced much anymore. My farm is in organic agriculture and I’m certified.

My region is a fresh area in the South-East of Sicily, between the mountains and the sea. We receive fresh winds from the mountains, and it’s important to me to capture this in the wines. The result is fresh and elegant, with nice acidity.

Arianna Occhipinti Wines

I.G.T “SP 68” Bianco-$23.95

“A personality of ocean-like calm intensity. Scents of shore grass, lemon, honey, herb and perspiration seem to capture the bittersweet saline perfume which clings to your skin after a day at the seaside. Light in the mouth, yet structured, finishes with a subtle sensation of tannin-laced minerals. Intriguing, fascinating, charming. Let it be said: Arianna Occhipinti continues to raise the bar for natural wines.”


D.O.C Sicilia-Vittoria “SP 68” Rosso -$24.95

Named for the road going past the winery, SP68 is a blend of Nero d’Avola and Frappato. This is a perfect balance of power and finesse; the Nero imparts rich dark fruits and the Frappato adds a high-toned raspberry note. Simply stunning. Soil: Red sand with chalk subsoil Grapes: Frappato and Nero D’Avola Training System: Guyot, Age of Vines: 10 years. Altitude: 280 meters Vinification: 30 days of skin maceration. Aged six months in stainless steel vats, 1 month in bottle. Unfiltered.

I.G.T Sicilia “Il Frappato” -$31.95

Soil: Red sand with chalk subsoil Grapes: Frappato Training System: Guyot, albarello Age of Vines: 55 years Altitude: 270 meters Vinification: 50 days of skin maceration. Aged 14 months in 25hl Slovenian Oak barrels, 2 months in bottle. Unfiltered.

If there were ever a wine we wanted to write a love letter to, this is it. Arriana Occhipinti is pretty much the hottest winemaker right now. She has the gift. This Frappato blooms from the bottle with an attack of roses, and stones. On the palate it has the body of the most elegant Burgundy, but with a mineral crunch that makes the heart go pitter patter. Arianna’s wines always sell out!

I.G.T Sicilia “Nero D’Avola”-$38.00

Soil: chalky sand Grapes: Nero D’Avola Training System: Albarello Age of Vines: 35 years Altitude: 270 meters Vinification: 40 days of skin maceration. Aged 16 months in 25hl Slovenian Oak barrels, 6 months in bottle. Unfiltered.As elegant and classy as anything I’ve tasted from Burgundy, this wine stirs the emotions with fantastically fresh raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, cinnamon and herb underlined by delicious minerality. Simply precious.

New Wines from Black Door Wine Co.

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