Not a typical Spanish wine


Priorat (pree-ohr-aht)

SPAIN is awash in ancient wine regions rejuvenating themselves for the modern age, but none of these historic lands has demonstrated its innate potential as well as Priorat. Twenty-five years ago, this isolated territory high in the hills of Catalonia was virtually unknown to most of the wine-drinking world. Today, Priorats command some of the highest prices of any Spanish wines.
The Catalans call it Priorat, most others in Spain say Priorato – however you choose to pronounce it, it’s easy to see it has been an up-and-coming region for Spain, sparking envy among collectors. The region has become something of a cult wine producer, creating wines that cost up to 5 times that of a quality Rioja. The region has a special soil, called llicorella made of a brown slate mixed together with rocks. Mountains surround the area and the vines are tended by hand. The wines of Priorat are the real thing, distinctive and powerful expressions of a highly unusual terroir.
A spanish wine that is full, lush, paring with red meats, grilling, and spicy sauces.
Make it Priorat for me!

Notable Facts

The red wines here are based on Garnacha, and produce inky wine with intense fruit flavors of blackberry and plums, not to mention a required minimum of 13.5% alcohol. The secondary grape of the region is Carinena (Carignan in France). This grape has lost favor in most parts of the world due to its rustic nature, but here in Priorat it’s a welcome structural addition to the Garnacha based wines.
One of the best winemakers of Priorat is Alvaro Palacios (2008 $39)
Black Door Wine Company
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