Richard Holmes with an elegant Viognier

Viognier Matters………………….


Winemaker Richard Holmes of Cote du Cheval is pouring his first vintage Viognier at Black Door Wine Company on Saturday, February 9, 2013 4:00pm – 6:00pm. $5.00 Tasting Fee.


Meet us at 4:00 pm for this event, meet Richard Holmes, taste, also feel free to pursue what’s new in the store this week!


Black Door Wine Company

3906 N. 34th

Tacoma, WA 98407






Viognier would seem to be destined to have a difficult time. It’s hard to pronounce, made in small quantities, best known in a fairly obscure region, difficult to grow and isn’t easy to pair with food.

That sounds like a joke without a punchline. Yet there is much to love about viognier, and it’s becoming easier to find it in the Northwest. First the pronunciation: vee-own-YAY.

Viognier is a white wine grape best known in the Condrieu region of France’s Rhne Valley. As recently as the mid-1960s, the grape was nearly lost to history, as fewer than 10 acres were left. But its fortunes have changed dramatically since then, as Condrieu now has more than 700 acres, and it is planted around the globe, including the West Coast, Australia, Argentina and Chile.

In the Rhone Valley appellation of Cte-Rtie, a bit of viognier is traditionally cofermented with syrah, a style that has been picked up in the New World.

Growing viognier is a challenge because it is susceptible to disease, it grows uneven clusters, and unless it’s picked at perfect ripeness, the wine will taste either boring or flabby.

But when a winemaker gets it right, viognier is so delicious. In the Northwest, viognier will exude aromas and flavors of tropical fruits and creamsicles.

Like its sibling syrah, viognier tends to be a low-acid wine, which makes it harder to pair with food. We like it with mild Thai curries, chowders, shellfish and pasta primavera.”


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About David Lower

We are a boutique wine store located in the N. Tacoma Proctor district, researching and finding small winerys that make no more than 2000 cases a year, we taste and retaste to be sure of the quality, with in depth understanding what the winemaker is accomplishing, the nuances that make great wine. David Lower started collecting small winemakers in the early 90s from Spain, Italy, Burgundy, California, Washington, Oregon. "Procuring and tasting every wine I could afford to buy was essential to gaining some idea of what exits in the wine world". Victoria Johnson is the store Manager at Black Door Wine Company, a visual artist, understands that details make all the difference in good and great wine. She enjoys exploring the wines with David developing her palate gaining a quick and refine knownledge. .
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