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Today, Saturday, January, 19th

Winemaker’s Tasting Today at Black Door Wine Company
with Rudy Marchesi of Montinore Estaste
and Bill Riley of Maury Island Winery
These top notch vintners will pour their Pinot Noir wines
from 4:00p – 6:00p
Rustic Crudities Included
Fee: $20.00 per person
Pinot Noir (pee-noh nwahr) can inspire the classic love-hate relationship.
the most entrancing table wine we’re ever enjoyed is the Pinot Noir. Yet
the most disappointing wine we’ve ever tasted was also a Pinot Noir. The
tasting challenge is rooted in Pinot’s precise needs – the perfect climate,
just the right amount of oak treatment to add complexity, and precise tannin
management  to ensure a silky and mouth pleasing mouthfeel. When Pinot
Noir strikes a balance there is nothing better. Pinot Noir is the most evocative,
provocative, and mysterious varietal grown. The best efforts at the Pinot Noir
(regardless of origin) are lush, exotic, spicy and sexy.
Please join us today to to taste from bottles of two regional winemaker’s
showing of Pinot Noir that are soft on tannins, long on acidity, and chock
full of fruit and food-related flavors.
What a great way to spend your afternoon, sipping Pinot Noir, tasting
delicious crudities, and asking questions ‘til your heart is content!
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About David Lower

We are a boutique wine store located in the N. Tacoma Proctor district, researching and finding small winerys that make no more than 2000 cases a year, we taste and retaste to be sure of the quality, with in depth understanding what the winemaker is accomplishing, the nuances that make great wine. David Lower started collecting small winemakers in the early 90s from Spain, Italy, Burgundy, California, Washington, Oregon. "Procuring and tasting every wine I could afford to buy was essential to gaining some idea of what exits in the wine world". Victoria Johnson is the store Manager at Black Door Wine Company, a visual artist, understands that details make all the difference in good and great wine. She enjoys exploring the wines with David developing her palate gaining a quick and refine knownledge. .
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